Fragos: City of Craft



Nestled near the edge of the Ironwood forest along the Frost Giant River, Fragos finds itself surrounded by the tall trees to the north which provide Fragos with what makes it special. Fragos is world renowned for its masterwork shipbuilding. The lands near Fragos also provide it another unique advantage; Fragos' mineral iron deposits contain traces of Adamantine which when properly forged allow for the creation of the best armor and swords crafted since the dawn age. 

Fragos is a city 30,000 strong, making it the third largest city in Edosia. Fragos is the seat of House Oakheart, their castle Direwood Keep sits on the northern end of the city. Fragos' strategic position near key resources, on a river, and less than half a day's ride from the sea makes it a paramount location for such a city. Historians from Cassett say that Fragos could possibly be the oldest human city in creation due to the age of elven ruins discovered outside of the city walls.


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