Oldyron: The City of Protection



A sprawling city sits authoritatively above the eastern shore. It's towering stone walls surround a populace of nearly 45000 inhabitants. Even from a distance the distinct features of Oldyron can be seen. Dark bands of obsidian course through the stone walls, looking like roots through earth or lightning through the night sky. In the center of Oldyron sits a large pyre of everlasting flame that has not went out since the days gods walked the earth.

Oldyron is the largest city in Edosia, and former seat of the [insert family name] Empire. In 898 AW  the city is ran by The Church of the Silver Flame. The city boasts a strong garrison of trained townsfolk, along with Paladins and Clerics of the silver flame. As such, the rare attempts of a feudal lord or others to take the city have proven wholly unsuccessful. Legends say that the gods themselves raised the city from the ground to serve as a bastion for their people.


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